Sea of Thieves "Be More Pirate"Matte Painter2018Jamm
Lexus "Oyster"Matte Painter2018Carbon Vfx
Universal Studios "Grow Bolder"Matte Painter2018Jamm
Honor of KingsMatte Painter2017Blur
Destiny 2Concept Artist2017Blur
Batman The RideMatte Painter2017Blur
Strike of KingsMatte Painter2017Blur
Mindhunter Opening TitlesMatte Painter2017Blur
Halo Wars 2Matte Painter2017Blur
California Lottery CommercialMatte Painter2017Jamm
Kia Outdoors CommercialMatte Painter2017Jamm
Sunday Night Football: EpicMatte Painter2017AlkemyX
Far Cry 5Matte Painter2017Blur
Learn SquaredInstructor2017Learn Squared
Carls Jr "Hardee Sr Returns"Matte Painter2017Jamm
BYD/Dicaprio CommercialMatte Painter2017Framestore
Wix Foox Truck Superbowl AdMatte Painter2017The Mill
Toyota Discovery MachineMatte Painter2016Jamm
Titanfall 2 CinematicMatte Painter2016Blur
Intel CityMatte Painter2016Digital Domain
ShooterMatte Painter2016Zoic Studios
Timeless Olympics PromoMatte Painter2016Digital Domain
Iron FistMatte Painter2016Zoic Studios
Once Upon A TimeMatte Painter2016Zoic Studios
Xbox Slim CampaignArt Director  2016Elastic
Star Trek Beyond Titles
    Art Director
Pirate of the Caribbean TitlesArt Director2016Elastic
The Son Opening TitlesArt Director2016Elastic
Iron Fist Opening TitlesArt Director2016Elastic
Westworld Opening TitlesArt Director2016Elastic
History of Magic TrailerConcept Artist2016Elastic
Nissan CloudConcept Artist2016Elastic
Far Cry 4 CinematicsArt Director2016Elastic
The Crown Opening TitlesArt Director2016Elastic
Ubisoft Films OpeningConcept Artist2016Elastic
League of Legends MSIConcept Artist2016Elastic
Introducing Sky CinemasArt Director2016Elastic
HBO AnthemArt Director2016Elastic
Far Cry Primal CinematicMatte Painter2015Elastic Moving UpMatte Painter2015Elastic
People You May KnowVfx Supervisor2015Skyward
Clash Of Clans: Out of HomeMatte Painter2015Skyward/Psyop
Legends of TomorrowMatte Painter2015Skyward
Call of Duty/Carls Jr CampaignMatte Painter2015Skyward/MPC
League of Legends ChampionshipsMatte Painter2015Skyward/Elastic
Pete and Gerry's CommercialsVfx Supervisor2015Skyward
OursVfx Supervisor2015Skyward
Pixels PromosVfx Supervisor2015Skyward
Recore E3 TrailerMatte Painter2015Skyward/Psyop Rentless FutureMatte Painter2015Skyward/Framestore
Telekom Connecting EuropeMatte Painter
Hyundai Redesign LifeMatte Painter2015Skyward/Eyeball
Farmers InsuranceMatte Painter2015Skyward/Framestore
Panaflex Gmunk CommercialConcept Artist2015Skyward
Nike Flyknit CommercialConcept Artist2015Skyward
Honeywell InteractiveMatte Painter2015Skyward/Inhance
Schlumberger InteractiveMatte Painter2015Skyward/Inhance
Julius Baer Next GenerationMatte Painter2015Skyward/Framestore
Heaven And EarthVfx Supervisor2015Skyward
Microsoft Christmas CommercialMatte Painter2014Skyward
Law BreakersConcept Artist2014Skyward/Boss Key
DomeMatte Painter2014Skyward
Tmobile Christmas CommercialMatte Painter2014Skyward/A52
Reebok Live FreeMatte Painter2014Skyward/A52
House of CardsMatte Painter2014Skyward/A52
Baby Baby BabyVfx Supervisor2014Skyward
HageresebVfx Supervisor2014Skyward
Ebay CommercialMatte Painter2014Skyward/A52
Lockhead Martin InteractiveMatte Painter2014Skyward
Target CommercialsMatte Painter2014Skyward/Framestore
Destiny Become LegendMatte Painter2014Digital Domain
The Boy Who BeepedMatte Painter2014A52
AnamaniacsConcept Artist2014Psyop
Clash of ClansMatte Painter2014Psyop
Spdr Insurance CommercialsMatte Painter2014Mass Market
Samsung Galaxy 11Matte Painter2014Psyop
PolisVfx Supervisor2014Skyward
GodzillaMatte Painter2014MPC
MaleficentMatte Painter2013MPC
HerMatte Painter2013Digital Domain
Fox Sports 1 PromoMatte Painter2013The Mill
Katie Perry Roar Music VidMatte Painter2013Mirada
SimiloMatte Painter2013Skyward
Lexus Gold CommercialMatte Painter2013MPC
Visit Arizona CommercialMatte Painter2013MPC
Infiniti Spring CommercialMatte Painter2013The Mill
Farmers Insurance CommercialMatte Painter2013The Mill
Glidden Paint MonsterMatte Painter2013The Mill
Adidas + Asap Rocky CommercialMatte Painter2013MPC
Mad MenMatte Painter2013Simplicity
Iron Man 3Matte Painter2013Digital Domain
Dark Souls 2 CinematicMatte Painter2012Blur
CSIMatte Painter2012Simplicity
Lexus Winter CommercialMatte Painter2012MPC
RiddickMatte Painter2012Entity Fx
Infiniti Winter CommercialMatte Painter2012MPC
EmitVfx Supervisor2012Skyward
Colgate Slimsoft CommercialMatte Painter2012Mirada
Clorox BleachographyMatte Painter2012Mirada
Dead Rising 3 CinematicMatte Painter2012Blur
God's Behaving BadlyMatte Painter2012Look Effects
2088Matte Painter2012SMI
Playstation: Make BelieveMatte Painter2012Firstborn
Hotel TransylvaniaMatte Painter2012Sony Imageworks
True BloodMatte Painter2012Zoic Studios
FringeMatte Painter2012Zoic Studios
Once Upon A TimeMatte Painter2012Zoic Studios
RingerMatte Painter2011Zoic Studios
PowersMatte Painter2011Zoic Studios
PanamMatte Painter2011Zoic Studios
Portal: No EscapeMatte Painter2011Skyward
TouchMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
House of LiesMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
RevengeMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
KrogMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Parks and RecreationMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Battle of GettysburgMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Breakout KingsMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Curb your EnthusiasmMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
The EventMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Grey's AnatomyMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Private PracticeMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Love BitesMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
Atlas ShruggedMatte Painter2011Stargate Digital
The Walking DeadMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
ParenthoodMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
Sunday At Tiffany'sMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
GreekMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
EpisodesMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
Human TargetMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
The GatesMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
HavenMatte Painter2010Stargate Digital
Resistance 3Matte Painter2010Sony Playstation
Chili's Double Take Commercial3d Generalist2010Yu+Co
2010 Emmy Awards Graphics3d Generalist2010Yu+Co
Doha Airport ArchitectureConcept Artist2010Kilograph
Shanghai/Meiling ArchitectureConcept Artist2010Pixel Liberation Front
Hbo's Funny or DieVfx Supervisor2010Independent
KOR3Cg Supervisor2010Independent
The CapeMatte Painter2010Zoic Studios
No Ordinary FamilyMatte Painter2010Zoic Studios
The OddsMatte Painter2010Zoic Studios
Nike + Tiger Woods CommercialMatte Painter2010Zoic Studios
How Do You KnowMatte Painter2010Zoic Studios
The Karate KidMatte Painter2010Zoic Studios
Cold CaseMatte Painter2010Zoic Studios
Motorola City CommercialConcept Artist2010Zoic Studios
Kodak CommercialConcept Artist2010Zoic Studios
Hot Wheels CommercialConcept Artist2010Zoic Studios
Google Chrome CommercialConcept Artist2010Zoic Studios
Lock Tight CommercialConcept Artist2010Zoic Studios
Tour De France CommercialConcept Artist2010Zoic Studios
Rogue Pictures OpeningConcept Artist2009Zoic Studios
Nissin Cup of Noodles BillboardMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
Halex Print Ads/BillboardsMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
Microsoft Store Screen GraphicsConcept Artist2009Zoic Studios
Coca Cola + Avatar CommercialsConcept Artist2009Zoic Studios
Sabateur CinematicConcept Artist2009Zoic Studios
Dead Space 2 Cinematic3d Generalist2009Zoic Studios
Army of Two Cinematic3d Generalist2009Zoic Studios
Transformers: War for Cybertron3d Generalist2009Zoic Studios
Xbox Kinect Cinematic3d Generalist2009Zoic Studios
Nurse Jackie3d Generalist2009Zoic Studios
Three RiversMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
CSIMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
FringeMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
True BloodMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
VMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
DollhouseMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios
Flash ForwardMatte Painter2009Zoic Studios